The Inner Journey

The world, infinite;

My soul, limitless.

Everywhere I turn,

I see Opportunity.

Every morning

When I awaken,

I see Possibility.


Throughout each day,

I see Beauty.


Won’t you too

Open your eyes

To see

This incredible

World we live in

That is home

To you and me.


Your reality

Is not fixed-

You’re not your past

Or your thoughts.

Not your looks

Or your weight,

Nor all the stuff

You’ve bought.


Not your job

Or your gender,

Your ethnicity

Or age.

Not your social status

Or reputation-

It’s time to turn

The page.


You are

Infinitely deeper

Than the physical eye

Can see.

You’ve got to use

Your inner eye-

The part of you

That’s Free.

The part of you that’s True,

Constant and Real-

It talks to you

In many ways,

Including how you feel.


Go within

And touch the


You’ve always held inside-

Ask those deep,

Important questions-

Avoid the


To hide.


Be willing to

Look at things

As they truly are;

Drop those thoughts

That do not

Serve you-

It’s time to raise the bar!


End your path

Of settling

For anything

Less than great.

Go deep within

And let go

Of all the hurts,


And hate.


Clear yourself

Of old patterns

That are holding

you back;

Focus upon

Your blessings

Instead of

What you lack.



On this inner


The greatest investment

You’ll ever make-

Not just for your own

Health and Happiness,

But for the

Whole world’s sake!


Begin today-

No more excuses

To delay

Living the life

You desire.

Say “No” to what

Doesn’t serve you,

And “Yes” to what

Lights your Soul

On fire!



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