3 Powerful Tips to Experience Greater Love in your Life!

Many of us long to feel greater love in our lives,
but don’t know how.

If we’re not feeling loved, we often say it’s because other people are not giving us the love we want and need. We say we don’t feel loved because we don’t have a romantic partner. We say we don’t feel loved because our children have grown up and moved away. Whatever our mind may be saying, the truth is, our own actions play the BIGGEST role in how much love we experience on a daily basis.

‘What actions could I take to feel greater love?’ you may be wondering.

I’m glad you asked! Read on for 3 POWERFUL Tips to feel and experience greater love in YOUR life!

Tip #1: Focus on the Love that’s Already in your Life!

As humans, we have this funny tendency to focus on what we believe is LACKING in our lives. We bemoan about what we want to experience and feel we don’t have. But here’s the deal: For all of the things we believe we are lacking, there are wayyyy more things that we have to be grateful for! Our silly little minds just tend to forget this a lot!

So, you want to experience greater love in your life? Focus on the love you ALREADY feel with the people in your life. Think about the times when you felt the most loved. Think about the things you most love about those close to you. Think about the things you LOVE to do.

The more you focus your mind on what you LOVE, the more you will feel and create more love in your life!

Tip # 2: Love Yo’Self!!

This is probably the most important of these three tips… because, let’s be real here. Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for ALL of your other relationships. If you’re not loving yourself, you’re going to be overly reliant on love from other people. Your happiness will teeter back and forth constantly as you look for others to make you feel good about yourself. At other times, you’ll sacrifice your own needs and desires to “make others happy,” but this creates a feeling of depletion and resentment in the long-run. Not exactly a recipe for healthy relationships!

After all… why the heck SHOULDN’T you love yourself? What is your silly little mind telling you right now? Is it saying something like, “It’s narcissistic to love yourself!” or, “Self-love is selfish/weird/for hippies/etc.” If you want to be unhappy and forever rely on others to feel okay about yourself, keep thinking these thoughts!

However… if you’d like to actually be happy and feel good from the inside out, you may want to assess those limiting beliefs and create some new ones! (I highly recommend the latter!)

And remember Buddha’s words: “You, just as much as anybody else in the entire universe, are deserving of your own love and affection.”

It’s true. You are! You deserve EVERY. LAST. DROP. of self-love you can give yourself!

Tip # 3. Give copious amounts of love. To Everyone. Everywhere.

One of the many things I’ve learned from doing “Free Hugs” over the past many years is that the more love I give to others, the more love I feel within me. GIVING love to others is actually THE most powerful way to feel and experience more love in our lives.

It’s important to understand, there are SO many ways we can show love to others. AND… the love we express need not be limited to our closest family and friends. Love can take INNUMERABLE forms besides the obvious hugs, kisses and saying “I love you.”

Love can show up as a genuine smile, a thoughtful gesture, a compliment, or merely just being present with another. Making another person feel seen and heard is often THE most powerful way we can show our love- Whether it’s to a dear friend or family member, or to the cashier at Starbucks.

Some resources in the world may be limited, but LOVE is certainly not one of them.

When we simply recognize that love is our true nature, we can access it anytime, anywhere!

When we focus on the love we already feel and experience in our lives, it grows within us. When we treat ourselves with love and kindness, we naturally express love and kindness to those around us. When we share our love freely and openly, we not only feel AMAZING inside, but we make the world a better and more loving place.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty dang happy
to contribute to a more loving world!

For assistance in this endeavor, try the following mantra:

“Today, I am a vessel of love for myself, others, and the world.”

I have used this mantra many times, and have experienced miraculous results from doing so!

Repeat this phrase to yourself in the morning and throughout your day, and experience this powerful LOVE for yourself!


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Sending you oodles of Love,

Robyn <3

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