Poem: Today is the Day

Today is a day to begin anew-
To create myself, my beliefs,
My ideals from scratch.
Today is a day to be self-expressive-
To share who I am, what I need and desire,
Where I’ve been, and how far
I have come.
Today is a day where everything turns
The way it is supposed to.
Everything unfolds exactly and precisely
How it is meant to.
Today is a day where all of my abilities,
Dreams and talents
Can unfold and blossom and shine
In the light for all to behold.
No need to hide myself:
My thoughts, my feelings,
My deepest ambitions.
No need to stay hidden away in my
Shell made of stone,
Where nobody may see my bright colors,
My peacock feathers.
Today I step out into the world
With a new honesty, a new grace,
And I say “Hello world. This is me. This is who I am.”
And my colors shine, brighting all of the world.

May your day be one of self-expression! Thanks for reading!

In love,

Robyn <3

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