Meet Robyn


When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is give myself a big hug and flood myself with positive thoughts about myself, my abilities, and life in general.

"You're an amazing human being, Robyn," I say to myself. "You are a beautiful Goddess and have SO much to offer the world."

"Today is a new day filled with possibilities."

After a couple moments of this, I sit up in bed, close my eyes, and meditate for 10-20 minutes. I spend a few moments focusing on some things I am grateful for, and feel this as deeply as I can within every cell of my body.

I then imagine that I am filling up with love, peace, joy, and positive energy. I picture a beautiful sparkling light streaming down on me from above, or imagine a blanket of love and light wrapping around me over and over until I am so full with this energy that I am overflowing!

After I feel full, I imagine sending love and positive energy all through my house and then to the people in my life I am closest to. I then imagine sending love and light all through my town, state, country, and to the world at large. I see beautiful, loving energy wrapping around and around the globe.

To wrap up my meditation, I bring my deepest aspirations and goals to mind and picture them becoming a reality, bringing the feeling of actualizing this thing as deeply into myself as possible.

Only after this visualization do I start my day... and boy, is this a powerful way to start a day!!

This is just one of the many practices I have adopted and taught over the years to assist me and others in thinking more positively, living with greater peace and joy, and making our dreams a reality!

In my late teens and early 20's, I had a sense that I could be happier, that my life could be more meaningful, joyful, and fulfilling, but I couldn't figure out how to make this a reality.

For a number of years, I meditated and did yoga, read lots of spiritual and self-help books, and spent regular time in nature- but yet, the path to consistent joy, authenticity, and fulfillment eluded me.

I’d have these great epiphanies and insights about life and my purpose, but I wasn’t able to sustain my feelings of peace and clarity or consistently take action to make my visions a reality. I felt like I was stuck in place and incapable of living the life I dreamed about.

The first big step in breaking free from my negative beliefs and destructive habits was seeing a Life Coach.

From meeting with my Coach on a weekly basis for several weeks, I began to see myself and my life in a new, more empowered light. Through his deep listening and presence, helpful insights, and assignments in between sessions, I became better acquainted with myself than ever before. I become far more aware of my negative self-talk, lessening its’ power over me.

At the same time, I became much more clear on my best qualities, my greatest passions, and how I could best contribute in the world. This wonderful teacher opened my eyes to see myself in a new light. He gave me the gift of reflecting my beauty, talents, and strengths back to me.

Because my own Life Coach assisted me SO much on my journey, I decided to become a Coach myself. I wanted to help other people to break free from their own obstacles, so they too could step more fully into the best version of themselves, and live their most amazing lives.

Nowdays, I feel ridiculously happy most of the time, and when I don't feel happy, I have incredible tools to help me process, express, and move through my emotions in the easiest, most nurturing way.

I love nothing more than learning about and practicing Tools, Techniques, and Teachings to help myself and others live with incredible Joy, Aliveness, Passion, and Purpose!

It's my philosophy that we only live in this body of ours as this particular person once, so we might as well make it the most remarkable life we can!  

 My Training and Experience:

♦ Completed a B.A. in Philosophy in 2010

♦ Completed Reiki Trainings from 2009- 2017 to the Reiki Master of Masters level, and have led many trainings since 2015

♦ Have worked with dozens of Coaching clients from 2014-Present

♦ Completed an "Assertiveness Coach" Certificate Program in 2017

♦ Enrolled in the highly reputed RMT (Robbins Madanes Training) Coaching Program from 04/2017-Present

♦ Have designed and taught dozens of Personal Development workshops from 2014-Present

♦ Published "My Happy Book: a Guided Journal to Light up your Life" in 2016