A Powerful Technique to Make the Most of your Days!

I sat in stillness yesterday morning and asked my heart for guidance about how to structure my day in the highest way.


What came was the message to ask myself throughout the day: “What does my Mind-Body-Spirit most want and need right now?”

From there, I was to trust the information that came up and take action!

I’ve used this technique before with great success, but never throughout my entire day! I saw this as a fun challenge!


How my day played out:

The first thing I was guided to do was go to a coffee shop and work on a computer project I’ve been putting off for several weeks now. The first couple hours of doing this, I was on fire, but then felt my energy drop. As I noticed this happening, I checked in with myself again.

“Take a break. Get some fresh air. Walk to another coffee shop,” my guidance said.

So I left that first place and went to another location. Sure enough, the walk and the fresh air had lifted my energy again and I was able to work productively for another couple hours. I reached another point where I felt somewhat drained and my guidance told me:

“Go get a healthy dinner and after you eat, finish your work.”

I followed this guidance as well and completed my project, feeling energized and accomplished!

After finishing my work, I was invited by a couple people to do different things, but my mind-body-spirit just wanted to stay in and take it easy. I followed my guidance to go home, do some journalling, and watch a show on Netflix. Mmm… so restorative.


A Smashing Success!

Though my day may not sound all that exciting, it felt magical to me. I went to bed not only feeling accomplished from getting some great work done, but also refreshed and rejuvenated from following my inner guidance all day long!

So often, we just rush from thing to thing without checking in with ourselves to see what we are most wanting and needing. Failing to check in with our deeper feelings is one of the biggest causes of fatigue, depression, and burnout.



The best times to pause and ask ourselves what we are most wanting and needing:


  1. Between activities

Rather than jump from one thing to the next, try taking a moment between activities to be still and ask yourself what would be the highest use of your time.

Our still voice can guide us in the most effective ways to not only increase our productivity, but also to keep ourselves feeling good!


  1. When we notice our energy lagging

You are not a victim to your feelings. You have the power to change your thoughts and feelings by choosing what to focus on, and choosing what action to take.

Sometimes we force ourselves to take action when we are starving for rest, and failing to rest hinders us in the long-term, making us less productive and not feeling our best.

Other times, we get into rest mode for too long, failing to take action that can move us closer to our desires and boost our energy.

When we check in with our inner wisdom, we can discern what our body-mind-spirit is most needing, and take the appropriate action!


I’ve learned over the years that when I have a block of free time, it’s HUGELY beneficial to check in with myself to see what is the highest use of my time. Otherwise, I mindlessly jump from one thing to the next, fail to meet my own needs, and don’t get the most from my day.

Checking in with ourselves in this way is a FANTASTIC way to think, act, and live with greater intention. It is also a powerful way to stay connected to our innermost needs and desires.


Whether you have the full day free, an hour, or a moment between activities, you can pause and check in with yourself

to see what your mind-body-spirit is most wanting and needing.


While it may seem like extra work to do this, it’s actually the opposite. Checking in with ourselves allows us to access the wellspring of wisdom within that, when we listen to it, guides us in the most effective, energizing, and joyful ways.


Think of how following this wisdom could benefit you in your own life- in your health and happiness, your work, and your relationships!

I urge you- give this technique a try and see what it can do for you!



After doing this exercise, I would love to hear your experience in the comments below!

Much love,  Robyn <3

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