My Happy Book

My Happy Book: a Guided Journal to Light up your Life

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Book Description:

Written by Philosopher, Reiki Master Teacher, and Joy & Authenticity Coach, Robyn Wiley, “My Happy Book” is deeply reflective with spiritual undertones while also action-oriented and pragmatic.

This quaint and colorful journal offers 80+ pages of powerful questions and prompts, tools and insights, inspiring poetry, helpful affirmations and plenty of space for your own creative expression to support you on your path of greater self-awareness and personal/spiritual growth.

“My Happy Book” guides you on a rich, rewarding journey through five powerful sections: Mind-Body-Spirit; Love; Inspiration; Lessons and Memories; and Present and Future. Each section builds upon the others, revealing more deeply who you are at your core and how you most wish to be and live in the world.

This book is perfect for anyone who would like support in thinking more positively, living with greater joy and authenticity, and connecting more deeply to your inner wisdom and Life itself.

A page from the "Present & Future" Section

An example of a completed page, from the "Inspiration" Section


Features of My Happy Book:

 8.5” x 11” journal size

Attractive, colorful interior with photos and art

Hand-written inspiring poems at the beginning of each section

Powerful affirmations at the end of each section

Plenty of room for writing

Extra pages for drawings, & creations 

Others are saying:

By Sue Vittner, Author of From Your Vision Board to Your Bedroom on October 21, 2016
"I LOVE my new Happy Book journal! I am so excited to dive into it and start writing from the prompts that Robyn has laid out for us in here. Some examples: "To be my healthiest, happiest self, my spirit needs:" "The smells that bring me joy:" "What are the most important life lessons I have learned so far?" The book is inviting, positive, colorful, creative and engaging. I highly recommend you getting yourself (and your friends) a copy of this book. It will encourage you to live happier and your best self!"
Robyn Wiley's "My Happy Book" is the real deal written by a person who lives the lifestyle she talks about! Robyn walks her talk and has created this guided journal as a way to help others go into a mode of deep self-examination/contemplation in order to remove the layers of "self" that either suppress happiness or don't encourage it.
For those who refuse to accept a mediocre life of self-servitude to themselves or others My Happy Book is a powerful and direct tool for those who can no longer sit back and let an "ok" life pass them by when they know they possess so much potential. Working through this guided journal will lead to a lot more than just happiness, it will lead to a truly authentic, empowered and balanced life while allowing the individual who works through it to discover and develop their own innate talents and abilities! Bravo Robyn, I love what you have accomplished here!
Very very pleased with this book so far!! It's been a wonderful guide for reflecting on what makes me happy and how to create those conditions around me. The handwritten quotes give a genuine, personal quality, and I love the extra space for journaling and creative doodling. Much love and thanks Robyn!!


Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
This is so different from anything out there, and I mean this in a good way! Not only is it written well, with so many thought provoking ideas and questions, but it is written in a warm and caring way that makes the reader almost feel as if the author is there with them, guiding them through it. Highly recommended!

Kara Oster, Previous Coaching Client

"I truly believe that Robyn’s ability to guide others is one of the most accessible, gentle, and real ways to make progress in your life. Her work is worth the commitment… If you are looking for change in your life, big or little, there is a valuable resource here awaiting you.”

Nicole Fisher Draft, Alignment Coach/Mentor/Energy Healer,

“Robyn is a truly beautiful human being, she brings light to the world and shines it upon everyone she encounters. Her fresh approach to living an organically - grounded life is infectious! Robyn’s art is a game changer for many, and I look forward to incorporating her genius into my work!”


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