From Judgment to Love

One of my pet peeves has been walking through the old port when someone is walking ahead of me, smoking.. I choose not to smoke and am not a huge fan of the secondhand fumes, and used to feel pretty pissed off about it.

When this would happen, I would think things like: “they really shouldn’t be endangering other people’s health like this!” “it’s not fair that those of us who choose not to smoke should have to be exposed to cigarette fumes,” or “they are so inconsiderate!”

While there may be some truth in the thoughts I shared, I’ve learned there is a much higher truth to be considered.

Looking at this situation from the highest perspective, I see that these folks are not intentionally trying to harm other people, and when it comes down to it, they are by far causing the most harm to themselves.

Why would anyone willingly cause themself this harm?

While there’s no simple one-size-fits-all answer, at the root, there is some kind of inner struggle or imbalance at work, and my judgement or negative thoughts are not helping the person, situation, or myself.

Instead of judging the person smoking in front of me, I can choose to walk around the person or cross the street if I don’t want to be exposed to the fumes.

Most importantly, I can choose to be compassionate to those who smoke- recognizing that they, like all of us, are doing the best they can, and would benefit more from loving, kind energy from me rather than judging or negative energy.

It’s now a practice of mine to send love and positive vibes to people who are smoking (or engaging in any kind of hazardous behavior), because we’re all together in this human experience.

When I judge or send negative energy to one person, I send it out to all people, myself included. Likewise, when I put out loving, positive thoughts, it goes out to all people, including myself and the person who may have triggered me.

Each and every one of us has the need for love, support, and a sense of belonging. I contribute to helping others experience these things when I choose loving, positive thoughts rather than irritation and judgment.

Think about your own pet peeves:

What is the highest perspective of this person or situation beyond what your mind finds irritating?

Are there ways you can respond to the people or situations with less judgment and greater kindness and love?


As we respond to the people and situations around us with kindness and love rather than judgment and irritation, we are the positive change this world so desperately needs.

May we send love and good thoughts to the people who trigger us, to the situations that frustrate us, and to all beings everywhere.

This, my friends, is the Love Revolution. ❤️❤️❤️

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