Would you love to really know yourself- what makes you happiest and most fulfilled, what your greatest talents and strengths are, and how to feel your best?

♥ Would you love to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin, easily speaking your truth and acting authentically in all situations?

♥ Would you love to wake up in the morning feeling confident and excited about the day ahead?

♥ Would you love to develop a strong connection with your inner guidance, and the ability to follow its’ wisdom on a regular basis?

♥ Are you delighted at the prospect of sharing your greatest strengths, passions, and gifts with the world?

♥ Would you love some encouragement, guidance, and accountability to support you on your path?

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to support you in living the life you most want to live!!

  What clients are saying:

"Robyn has a special way of being that allows me to be very personal, honest, and open which are traits that have proven helpful in wanting to make changes in my life. Her golden intuition, empathy and ability to actively listen make our sessions so much more powerful, resonant, and effective.

Robyn goes beyond simply helping me live a better life, but also digs in on a soul level to help me be a more conscious person, thus improving my quality of life. Working with her, I realize that I don't just have an outstanding life coach, but also a great ally and "angel in the wings" whose aim is to see me live my optimal life. I consider myself blessed to know her and have her support."

-Alfine N., Falmouth, ME

Over our time together, here are some of the ways you can expect to benefit:

♥ Become crystal clear on what you most wish to create and experience in your life

♥ Create a new, more empowering vision of yourself and your abilities that supports you in being the person you most want to be and living the life you most want to live

♥ Uncover the specific thought patterns, emotional patterns, and behaviors that hold you back from reaching your potential and feeling consistent joy and fulfillment

♥ Develop and maintain a strong connection to your inner guidance, and the courage to act on it

♥ Cultivate powerful daily habits that support you in feeling your best

♥ Learn powerful Tools & Techniques to become the Master of your Thoughts & Emotions

♥ Learn effective Tools & Strategies to take consistent ACTION towards your deepest, wants, needs, and desires

♥ And much, much more!!


Another client’s thoughts:

"The more time I have spent with Robyn, the more calm and strong I feel on my own, able to navigate some of life's toughest challenges, and most importantly for me, to find stillness. The effects of negative energy and people have weakened, and it somehow seems as though I am attracting the type of community and opportunities that I have always dreamed of. I don't say that lightly either, as I tend to be an analytical individual. But I do say it with gratitude, as I enjoy my life more passionately and happily now.

I truly believe that Robyn's ability to guide others is one of the most accessible, gentle, and real ways to make progress in your life. Her work is worth the commitment, even if you navigate a hectic work week like myself. If you are looking for change in your life, big or little, there is a valuable resource here awaiting you."

-Kara Oster, Portland, ME 


My Coaching Program is for you if:

♣ You are committed to making your Happiness and Well-being a top priority in your life

♣ You are willing to step out of your comfort zone and open to trying new practices, tools, and techniques

♣ You are willing to be brutally honest with yourself about which thoughts, habits, and aspects of your life are not serving you

♣ You are ready to do the necessary inner work and take consistent action to move forward and live the life you most desire

♣ You understand the value in being held accountable for your words and actions, and in receiving guidance and support from someone who has been in your shoes and whose life reflects her mission to live as her most authentic self and experience deep peace, joy, and fulfillment on a daily basis


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My Commitment to you in our work together:


♥ My full Presence and Attention on you and your needs during each of our sessions

♥ My ongoing Support, Encouragement, and Faith in you and your abilities to be the person you most want to be and live the life you most want to live

♥ My assistance in creating a more positive, empowering vision of yourself and your abilities

♥ To hold you accountable for what you say and do to ensure you are acting in your own best interest

♥ To share the most powerful Ideas, Tools, and Techniques I have learned in my personal and professional experience to support you in your Happiness, Well-Being, and highest path


My Training and Experience:

♦ Completed a B.A. in Philosophy in 2010

♦ Completed Reiki Trainings from 2009- 2017 to the Reiki Master of Masters level, and have led many trainings since 2015

♦ Have worked with dozens of Coaching clients from 2014-Present

♦ Completed an "Assertiveness Coach" Certificate Program in 2017

♦ Enrolled in the highly reputed RMT (Robbins Madanes Training) Coaching Program from 04/2017-Present

♦ Have designed and taught dozens of Personal Development workshops (including private and public events, businesses, fairs) from 2014-Present

♦ Published "My Happy Book: a Guided Journal to Light up your Life" in 2016


The Process:

My Coaching model utilizes Traditional and Strategic Intervention Coaching techniques, and is based on principles of both Human Psychology and Spirituality.

I utilize powerful Teachings, Tools, & Techniques that target and support Well-Being on all levels of Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Some of the Tools & Techniques I use in my Sessions:

♦Deep Listening & Discussion

♦Direct Teaching

♦Planning & Goal Setting

♦Experiential Work

♦Reflection Questions

♦Personally-tailored Guided Meditations/Visualizations

♦Assignments between Sessions to support our work together

 I offer In-Person, Skype, and Phone Sessions.

A more Joyful, Fulfilling life is available to you starting today!!

You are worth it!!

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Robyn <3