Clear your Clutter, Clear your Mind

I’ve often heard it said that our environment affects how we feel, but I didn’t know how true that was until a couple of weeks ago.

The last few months of my life have been incredible in so many ways. I threw a successful Book Release Party for my first published book, went to a Women’s Business Retreat with some badass and incredible women who deeply inspire me, and attended a phenomenal Hay House conference where I was one of the few participants chosen to give a speech to the 150+ participants that were there.

All great things! However, as I set my primary focus on my book and my business, I gradually let some things in my personal life slip…

For starters, my bedroom had become a disaster.. my floor had become the living space for dozens of my newly published books, decorations and other items from my book party, clothes, notebooks and worksheets from the events I’d gone to, unfolded laundry… you get the picture.

I felt a cloud of heaviness come over me every time I walked into my room, but I was so focused on “getting things done” in my business that I brushed it off, time and again.

“I’ll get around to it later when I have more time,” I’d say to myself.

In addition to letting my house get messy, I fell out of my daily habit of  journaling and meditation.

I was noticeably feeling more anxious and less grounded, but I brushed this off too.

“I’ll get back to these things when I have more time,” I told myself.

This last one is the hardest to admit, but it’s important to speak to because it’s a very real thing that happens when we are in go-go-go mode and don’t take the time to slow down.

I wasn’t spending as much time with my son, and during the time we were spending together, it was difficult for me to be fully present with him. My mind was distracted by the work I “should be doing,” and by the clutter piling up in our home.

“I’ll make it  up to him when I have more time,” went my mind.

Notice a theme here?

One day, after going from meeting to meeting to errand to errand, I realized I’d had enough. I felt sad, overwhelmed, and like I was losing control of myself and my life. I felt like I wanted to crawl into a hole and do absolutely nothing for the next few days… or weeks… or… ?

In a moment of near-panic, I remembered a tool I often use to tap into my inner guidance.

I put my hand over my heart, took some deep full-body breaths, and asked myself what I most needed to do to get back to a place of peace and balance.

“Go home and clean,” the voice said. And that’s precisely what I did.

Over the next few days, I cleaned, organized, and cleaned some more. I didn’t just tackle my own bedroom (which I currently use to do much of my work as well), I cleaned my kitchen, dining area, living room, and *gulp* even my 8 year old son’s room.

As soon as I got started on this, I began to feel a sense of power and control over my life again. And the good feelings grew as I tackled each area of my house.

I felt a huge weight lifted from my mind, body, and spirit. Suddenly, my mind felt clear and I was able to focus on tasks and challenges that had felt too confusing or overwhelming before.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but my hectic living and work space were actually preventing me from being still, making it near impossible to meditate or be present with myself or my son.

Once I cleared my space, my mind, body, and spirit were able to relax more deeply than I had in a long time. I was suddenly able to fully enjoy the present moment again..

Returning to a still place within, swarms of inner guidance started coming through that had been clogged up before, from which I’ve been gleaning much insight and making positive life changes.

Rather than letting this incident of “falling off the wagon” make me feel bad or hold me back, I choose to see this experience as a lesson.

I am now more determined than EVER to keep a clean and organized living and work space, because I have seen what a difference it makes to the quality of my life!!

What about you?

Do you have an area of your home or work space that could stand to be cleaned or organized?

Chances are, if you have clutter and disorganization in your physical environment, it’s affecting your mind, body, and spirit negatively on some level… and perhaps affecting your work and relationships as it did mine.

I invite you to choose one room or one area of your house and get your cleaning and organization on!

Notice how you feel as you start tackling that clutter!

May you make your outer space clear and peaceful
to create ripe conditions for a clear, peaceful mind.
Sending Love and cleaning vibes your way,
Robyn <3

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