Shift your thoughts about Yourself!

Before we make meaningful changes in our lives, we’ve got to work on how we view ourselves!!!

So many of us walk around all day with countless negative and limiting thoughts going through our heads about ourselves. Things like:

“I’m too fat!”

“I’m a bad person/parent/friend/partner/etc”

“I’ll never be able to measure up!”

“I’m just going to fail anyway- so why bother making a change/following my dreams?”

What we focus on dominates how we feel, and thus how we behave and live our lives. Furthermore, what we focus on, we become. For these reasons, it is absolutely CRUCIAL to become mindful of our thoughts and to re-train our brains to view ourselves in a more positive light.

Rather than thinking endless critical and self-defeating thoughts, we’ve got to instead focus on what we like about ourselves, what we like about our lives, the successes we’ve already experienced and all of the good that is in our lives today. From here, we can build ourselves and our lives up to be even more meaningful and enjoyable!

This is skill that can be taught, practiced, and ingrained over time. And the more we work on doing this, the more amazing we feel and the more joyful and fulfilling our lives become!

To start, you’ve got to grow in self-awareness. Set an intention to notice when you think negative or limiting thoughts about yourself and your abilities. Don’t make yourself wrong or get down on yourself, just simply notice when these thoughts come up. Notice them and look at them more closely… ‘Hmm, this thought that I’m too fat… is that really true? Well, maybe I do have a few pounds to lose… but do I really need to keep on with the name- calling? Is that helping me in any way, or is it just making me feel worse about myself and contributing to my unhealthy habits?’

Then, should you decide a thought is not serving you, replace it with a thought that is just as true if not more true, and that is more love and supportive of your happiness and intentions. Continuing with the above example, you can replace the “I’m too fat” thought with something like, “I’m adopting healthier habits to support me in my goals to be a healthy weight and to feel good in my body,” or “I love myself as I am, and I am working towards a healthier weight and body that feels good to me.”

Do you see the difference here? Both thoughts acknowledge your situation that you are overweight, but one is purely demoralizing and berating while the other is loving, supportive, and empowering. Which do you think would serve you better- Not just in your current happiness, but in ultimately reaching your goal to lose weight and feel better in your body?

We don’t make progress in ourselves and in our lives by hating on ourselves. Hating on ourselves merely reinforces what we dislike in ourselves and keeps us caught up in our negative and self-defeating patterns.

Move from self-loathing and self-defeat to self-care and self-love. You may not get there 100% overnight, but begin with small changes, day by day. Begin by becoming more aware of your thoughts and making sure that they serve and support you rather than keeping you stuck where you don’t want to be and making you feel lousy to boot.

Life’s too short to feel lousy! Take back your power and start living the happy, amazing life you really want to live. Start TODAY!

Get a powerful start by setting up an Exploratory Call with me.

Together, let’s help you get clear on the specific ways you’ve been holding yourself back from being your happiest self and living the amazing life you came here to live! Starting today, you can begin to step away from self-sabotage and towards self-empowerment, self-love, and joy!

In love,

Robyn <3

1 thought on “Shift your thoughts about Yourself!

  1. Good stuff Robyn! Changing one’s cognitions is helpful as part of the process in altering negative self-defeating ideas. It also helps one emotionally. Good intuitive understanding of cognitive psychology, mindfulness and philosophical application. I am so proud of you. A book I highly recommend is by another Life Coach) Hint Hint may get it myself again- it’s by Brandon Bouchard called The Motivation Manifesto. give it a read sometime. You are a wonderful teacher and Uncle Dave Cornice is so proud of you.
    Uncle Dave

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